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Guilin Exhibition International Hotel is located in the heart of the city - Jia Tianxia Plaza. The hotel is adjacent to the Seven Star Park , backed by well-known scenic spots such as Chuanshan and Tashan. It is also an exclusive landmark in Guilin because it is placed on the left side of the Guilin International Exhibition Center. The hotel adopts a casual, elegant and stylish style of decoration. It also cleverly contains Guilin landscape scenery and cultural elements, creating an unprecedented ambience for you from the city to the nature.

The hotel has exclusive access to Jia Tian Xia Plaza's mass parking system, and also has developed 200 underground parking spaces; Convenient transportation, surrounded by more than 10 bus stations; 30 minutes to Liangjiang International Airport and 10 minutes to Guilin downtown square, 5 Minutes to the train station.

The hotel has a total of 16 floors and 268 high-end, intelligent, welcoming rooms with an area of over 40 square meters and top-level suites. The whole hotel covers a high-speed wireless network connection and is equipped with the "Sweet Dream Bed" and "Cleaning Bath". which are exclusively for the VIP guests, creating a complete relaxed space and a comfortable and intimate home for the business travelers.

The hotel offers a wide range of exquisite dining options for those keen on gourmet dining: Gui Cafe with a vibrant buffet spread through a fully-open kitchen; Royal Garden Chinese Restaurant serving Guilin's first authentic Cantonese delicacy morning tea; Sunshine Hall Lobby Lounge with colorful desserts and fine wines.

The hotel has 7.1 meters high, and the luxury intelligent light-controlled pillarless Grand Ballroom and multi-functional hall with the 700 square meters. The hotel conference experts and professional team create quality services for you.

The heated swimming pool on the top floor of the hotel is the first infinity-view swimming pool in Guilin City. It overlooks the 16-story high-quality view from the top, and offers a 360-degree view of Guilin's stunning scenery.