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Landscape Pool
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   Guilin's first borderless heated swimming pool on the 16th floor can be provided for hotel guests for free. Whether you want to enjoy the joy of a person, or a few people's private parties, you can have a glimpse of stunning beautiful Guilin landscape scenery.
The abundant sunlight shines through the glass roof to illuminate the starfish swimming pool. From  the marble to alive green plants, it shows more brilliant. Surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows, the beautiful Guilin landscape enhances the unique atmosphere of the entire heated swimming pool.
If you just want to sweat in the gym alone, we can meet your needs as well. The gym on the 16th floor also has the plenty of natural light, the around beautiful scenery of Guilin City allowing you to have relaxed feeling outside the exercise.
After a refreshing swim or a workout, you can enjoy special cocktails and exquisite snacks at the Star Lounge to replenish your energy, or relax in the hotel¡¯s signature steam room to soothe tired nerves and muscles and enjoy the full range of relaxing services provided by the hotel.

Non-boundary heated swimming pool

Maximum depth: 1.7 meters
Minimum depth: 1.2 meters
Size: 200 square meters
Constant temperature: Yes
Opening hours: 06:30-22:00