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  Guilin International Exhibition Hotel is the only five-star boutique hotel in Guangxi dedicated to the creation of “Mexican Meditation”. The hotel’s 208 guest rooms are exquisitely designed with the first in-room motion sensor and intelligent high-tech equipment in the city. It has achieved WeChat client handheld remote control room facilities and equipment, from lighting, temperature to curtain control, wireless Wifi and entertainment center screen, all have brought you an unprecedented stay wonderful experience. 360-degree free-sleeping natural latex mattresses, "KingKoil" mattress originating from the United States which have created a sleep legend, allow you to quickly enter deep sleep. The exclusive "Bathing Bath" for VIP International guests allows you to relax and enjoy the magnificent city views in the space we create for you after a long day of business activities or sightseeing trips.

  The English-style housekeeper actually originated in France and has a history of six or seven hundred years in the West. Because it is a service system formed in the United Kingdom, it is known as the "British style". Since September 2016, this once belonged to the aristocrat's all-day personal service airborne Guilin Exhibition International Hotel.

  When you live in Guilin Exhibition International Hotel, we will create exclusive five-star luxury exclusive service for each gentleman and lady staying here. The hotel offers you the best personal butler service with its exclusive premium service and gourmet visual feast.