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Add.£º28 Lijiang Road, Qixing District, Guilin, China
Zip code£º541004
Tel£º0773-696 6666
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Gui. Cafe
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    The entire Gui Cafe combines contemporary design concepts with a chic open kitchen that offers you a full range of Asian and international cuisine. The chic on-site cooking station creates a different dining experience for you, from Chinese and Western soups to special dim sum, premium seafood and international dishes. Whether it's the breakfast buffet, a lunch buffet, or a buffet dinner, the culinary talents of the chefs ensure that you can feel every bit of enjoyment and satisfaction in the hotel's food and entertainment. Family gatherings, gatherings with friends or enjoying private moments, the 200 full dining seats can meet your needs.

Gui. Cafe

Food: International
Environment: Ancient Garden
Layout: Simple and stylish
Smoking: Available
Parking: Free parking at the hotel
Seating position: 200
Opening hours: 07:00-24:00
Reservation Phone: 0773-696 8888