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Located at the foot of Yaoshan Mountain, Guilin Shanshui Golf Club was formally put into operation in 1996. It is the first golf course in Guangxi and is one of the earliest golf courses registered in China and approved by the project. The Guilin Shanshui Golf Club is the closest course to downtown Guilin. It has complete facilities,such as training course, specialty stores, five-star hotels, health estates, halls (Including Chinese restaurant, lobby, conference hall), outdoor swimming pool, and VIP reception hall. It is a well-known Taiwan-funded enterprise integrating leisure and vacation.


The course covers an area of 1748 acres, having 18 holes, a total length of 7235 yards, 72 standard rods, It has the light course with 18 holes. Designed by the famous designer Dana Frye, it is a typical hilly waterfront golf course. The course is moderately difficult. Under the sunshine, the lakes of the first nine holes are sparkling, and it is reflected extra clear and clean by the blue sky and white clouds. The shrubs and streams make a round trip among them. How relaxed it is! The back nine holes shaped by the mountain are natural without any discord, and there is the individuality. Climb the sights and see from the distanc that the fairways, greens, and sand pits will be dotted among the mountains.How spectacular it is! When night falls, the course under the light is another scene, which likes a shy girl, casting a thin layer of veil, and  her beautiful beauty always tease every golfer, that they can not wait to use the club to lift her veil for a glamorous look.


In order to achieve the service level and reception capacity for holding international competitions, from October 2012, the club has spent huge sums of money to carry out a full-scale transformation and upgrading. The entire project is planned to invest RMB 1 billion, which has been recognized and approved by the Guilin Development and Reform Commission and the Planning Bureau, and has been listed as a key investment project in Guilin High-tech Zone. Up to now, the transformed 18-hole international championship light fairway and clubhouse has been put into use. The other 9-hole fairway and the new hotel project are also under construction soon. By the time that the entire renovation project is completed, the service and quality of the Guilin Shanshui Stadium will surely reach a new level. The ink-like beauty will also add a touch of charm! This is really what it is:

At lifes full flowering for twenty years, thousands of swing embroidered beauty volume; High ball hall leap new steps, cattle ears handle a few amazing!

There must be a clear spring, boiling the whole word, washing the dust!

There must be a lofty peak, gaining power as the king, getting into the heart!

There must be a conglomerate of rocks, with wonderful workmanship, to make people amazing!

There must be a swing, watched by all the attention, high and cheerful!

Here, must have something you are proud of!

Here is Guilin Landscape Golf Club!

Looking forward to your visit!

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