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Guilin XiangZhang Lin Grand Hotel

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   Guilin Xiangzhang Lin Hotel is located on Qixing Road, having a strategic location and a beautiful environment. Guilin Xiangzhang Lin Hote is a simple boutique business hotel built according to the standard of a high star hotel. It is located in Qixing District of Guilin, adjacent to the famous Seven Star Park and Guomao Shopping Mall. Guilin International Exhibition Center and Wanda City Plaza are easy to reach. With comfortable environment and convenient transportation, it is only 8 minutes by driving from the downtown railway station and 30 minutes by bus from Liangjiang International Airport. The hotel's excellent location and comfortable environment provide great convenience for the guests to visit the world-famous scenic and historic cities. Unique bathroom emergency security button, 24-hour butler-style service, tailor-made for your exclusive courtesy, so that you can experience from time to time the hotel's "Truthful hospitality, intentions service."

Opening time: Opening in 2014 168 rooms