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Guilin Resources Shengyuan Hotel

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      Shengyuan Hotel is located in the resources county of “Danxia Soul”, next to the Zijiang River, which is “ Zijiang Drifting, the first in China”.

    The hotel is the first four-star business hotel in the resource county. Its decoration is a traditional Chinese style in the East, which is elegant, chic, graceful and extraordinary. The hotel has 128 presidential suites, deluxe suites, business rooms and standard rooms (Sets). Fresh and elegant Chinese restaurant, well-equipped conference hall, swimming pool, romantic KTV, sauna center, tea bar with unique Chinese characteristics. Diverse services allow you to relax and enjoy your leisure.

   The hotel has elegant environment, complete functions and facilities. It is the ideal place for your home travel, leisure and entertainment, and business negotiation. The meticulous and attentive professional service enables you to enjoy your home.